SIMPLICITY ladies polycotton 9'' gown set
image of SIMPLICITY ladies polycotton 9ftft gown set
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Product Code: SMP9
A simple but pleasing design.
6’3” x 24” backed polycotton, plain gown & sleeves.
Deep lace trim to neck and sleeves.
2 buttons to front.
Includes 18" x 18" trimmed ivory taffeta face-cloth, and pillow.
5.5 yards of 9” gathered ivory taffeta frilling.
Choice of gown colours.
8 sets per colour per box.

Face-cloth and pillow are supplied as standard with this product. If you would prefer curtains instead of a pillow, or any other changes to your order spec. you can do so in the 'Note' box in your shopping basket - Thank you.
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